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There are general methods of dealing with impotence. But usually erectile dysfunction can only be cured given the cause of its formation.

For example, after surgical removal of a tumor in the prostate gland, erectile function is completely lost. Often the cause of penile dysfunction is diabetes. The disease causes vascular pathology and various endocrine disorders. Therefore, endocrine erectile dysfunction occurs due to diabetes.Where can viagra be bought over the counter

You can restore erectile function!

Treatment of PROSTATITIS according to a new technique
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To achieve 100% result, you need a set of methods. It represents treatment methods that are aimed at:

vascular system;
hormonal system.
Medication method
Most often, treatment of a weak erection is carried out with the medication method. The effectiveness of the method allows men to get rid of dysfunction, however, the method is not a treatment, but rather a temporary restoration of functions. Previously, Yohimbine was used exclusively for impotence therapy. The duration of treatment with the drug is up to a year, despite the fact that the result is observed in 10% of men. Also, tablets have a number of contraindications.

Viagra alternative otc, Levitra, Cialis Today, pharmacies offer safer drugs. The most polar is sildenafil – the active substance of Viagra. Less effective, but at the same time cheap, are the drugs Cialis and Levitra, the active ingredients of which are tadalafil and vardenafil.

A positive result of taking medication is from 70 to 80%